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Park Cafe


Perched on a hill, at a picturesque height of 2,160 m, and guarded by 300-year-old Deodar trees, our cafe is a mountain baby at heart.

We are serving up a culinary experience packed in a picnic basket, and laid out in the midst of a historical forest, one formerly owned by Sir George Everest.

From a big barbecue menu defined by flavours of the woods, to simple joys hidden in sips of hot chocolate, a cozy day out in the sun is best enjoyed at Park Cafe.

After a hearty picnic, you can catch a quick snooze on the meadows, and find shapes in the clouds. We might join you too!


Our Philosophy​

Our food is simple, familiar even, with a touch of new and local. Here, in the wilderness, we have tried to create a little home for you in paradise- like oasis in a desert. At EBC you are one with nature and at Park café our food compliments that. Made with environment conscious practices, we want you to experience nature with a bit of familiarity and comfort. Food that will lift your spirits and make you feel at home in the wilderness.

Barbecue in the Shadows!

Gather around the fire for a night of grilling and bonding with family and friends. Our property's serene atmosphere and dreamy setting make it the perfect place to relax and unwind while indulging in your favourite meats and vegetables.


Picnic in the Meadows!

Enjoy a serene picnic surrounded by nature, with a basket of delectable snacks and drinks. Our property provides the perfect spot for a leisurely afternoon in the company of loved ones.

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